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Which is the accurate yin and yang side of the coins?

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I always having suspicious thought about which side of the coins is the proper yin and yang side even there is a teacher told me it doesn't really matter. The reason is because I found that most of the times, my hexagram seems not explainable. I suspect it has something to do with the coins side and until recently, I was again told by others that I need to correct it as my coins side since I have not always got the correct hexagram. I tried to make a correction, and it even makes me more confused as changing habits is something not easy. How do you see about this?


It has actually no standard rules that every diviner is mandatory to be followed. The yin and yang of the coin sides have actually depended on user preference. It wouldn't be affecting the hexagram accuracy. If the hexagram is inaccurate, it could probably the deciphering skill is not there yet, or it simply because of a chaotic hexagram. If you still worry about this, change your coins to another pattern and so that you could build a new habit.



I was using modern coins all the way. I have changed to be using ancient Chinese coins and it seems always getting the chaotic hexagram. Do I need to activate the coins energy for this? I feel like I don't have the connection between the coins and me.


There is no need to be activated as chaotic hexagram has nothing to do with coins. (unless your coins are getting from somewhere not that "clean") and you are not required to have any "connection". If you don't believe the new coins will work for you, then the accuracy might become bias (very rare that a diviner would be experiencing this). If this still worries you, make a cast and ask.



Some also told me that I have to use stalks, or strongly recommend to use stalks when the question is a much serious question. Where can I get the stalks?


That is not exactly accurate. In some cases, different casting method does affect the accuracy and relevancy, but not that with stalks. And sometimes, stalks does even make things worst as it takes too long to generate a hexagram. A longer time of casting means decreasing in one's concentration.



When I used the ancient Chinese coins, should I use the side that written in Chinese as yin? and what does another said written in? When we use modern coins, is the tail means yin and the head means yang?


yin and yang are always in a relative relationship. It always depends on how are where you use it. I have explained this very clear in the lesson. If you really wanted to get an exact answer which side is yin and yang. You should first ask yourself. Is the Chinese side writing something you familiar or you understand? If you think the Chinese character looks more familiar (even you don't understand what does it says), you can set it as yang. The Chinese character is actually the title of a reigning dynasty. And the ancient coins that we normally use is the imitated coins from qing dynasty. So, if you think that qing dynasty is already fallen and a fallen dynasty should be the yin, then you may set the Chinese character side as yin. So, it always 2 sided. Both answers are legit but appear to be in a contradiction. So, which one is the accurate theory? Again, it doesn't really matter as long as we have preset the ideas. I have also explained this much deeper in the beginner lessons.



can we use token, and if yes, what should be the yin and yang side?


It doesn't really matter what coins you are using. You can even use the gaming chip if you want to. As long as you yourself are very clear that which side is yin and yang and it should be fine.



Can I or do I need to swap the yin and yang side after some times?


Technically, you can do that. But if you keep on changing the side just to verify the authenticity of yin and yang side, you could end up making things worst as you might get disrupted during halfway of your casting, because you might already forget which side you suppose to use as yin (or yang).

In divination, if you have faith in it and be sincere. You don't even need to use any coins. That is why using numeric casting method could still be getting a very high accuracy and relevance rate. Why do we need to bother so much about yin and yang side of the coins? It may appear for some reasons why a hexagram is not that relevant and accurate, but it shouldn't be much related to the sides of the coins.

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